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Project information     

  • Category: Web System
  • Software Framework: Laravel
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x
  • Published: 8 September 2021
  • Last Update: 9 July 2023

  • Software Price   : $75

idiib Restaurant Software

idiib - best restaurant management software and a restaurant POS system. idiib-restaurant software is absolutely a user-friendly restaurant POS system to manage your restaurant billing. With the assessment of idiib’s intelligent features you can shift all your manually operated restaurant activity into an automated form. idiib is an all-in-one restaurant management solution because it offers various advanced features to automate your restaurant. For instance online ordering systems, personalized restaurant websites, cloud kitchens, QR-based order-taking systems..


  • Restaurant POS Software
  • Order Management System
  • Production Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Kitchen Dashboard
  • Order Time Countdown
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Real-Time Report
  • Table Reservation
  • Various Payment Method
  • Account Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Shipping Method List
  • Food Management
  • Unit & Ingredients
  • Restaurant Website
  • Display a food/drink menu on any mobile device with a variant screen size. E.g. tablets, and smartphones.
  • The food/drink menu can contain pictures (and videos).
  • Admin panel for restaurant administrator, where admin can perform create, read, update, and delete operations on the menu.
  • Restaurant admin will be able to create a new user and able to assign roles such as waiter and admin.
  • Customer can order one or more food/drink items.
  • Send an ‘order acceptance’ notification to the customer after a waiter accepts the order.
  • In case of N number of the waiter is listening for orders from the customer, if a waiter W1 accepts the order O1, the other waiter W2 should not have any access or control over
  • The waiter can add/update/delete the orders manually in the system‐generated orders.
  • Menu Option: Each food item may have an option such as spicy level/lemon/sauce and a comment box for giving additional comments. The waiter for all the manual entries can edit the customer screen later.
  • Customers can cancel or edit the order before submitting the order to the queue.
  • The table will show ‘Booked’ until the Bill is paid by the customer.
  • Once the order is finalized by the customer and set to the queue the kitchen staff/cook/chef can see that and send an acknowledgment of the order received there.
  • Other than a regular inventory the system will maintain an ingredients inventory so that when the order is processed in the kitchen, the admin will know how much of each ingredient has been consumed and it will send an alert of shortage of ingredients.
  • Customer can pay via cash/card.